Saturday, 20 February 2010

what faith in sport today?

Well, what's going on again in the world of sport? Amy Williams winning a gold medal at the winter Olympics is an astonishing achievement. The fact that Amy comes from Bath makes it higher profile here, but being the first British gold medal winner for 30 years makes her name in the record books secure for a long time to come. There's a few hills in Bath, but you don't get that good with a toboggan made out of an old table, which is probably where I went wrong! What kind of faith does it take to achieve such a feat?
Also, I watched the Tiger Woods confession along with the subsequent trial by journalism. Alongside the John Terry saga the world of sport is continuing it's debate about why it does/does not matter what goes on in private. The Tiger Woods case is even more interesting on this front than the John Terry situation because Woods is playing for himself, whereas Terry is the captain of both Chelsea and England.
Of course, the missional conversation is encouraging the move from simply doing mission towards a posture, which embraces both being and doing with integrity. If sports stars of this stature (and many would argue Tiger Woods is the biggest in sports history ever) cannot get away with separating what God has joined together even in the eyes of their fans, then the church needs to be very wary at any hint of a tiny wedge between the two things too.

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