Tuesday, 2 March 2010


Well, I've fallen in love with Scotland again. I'm in Pitlochry with what the Scottish Baptists call 'pre-accredited Ministers' for their conference. I'm finding it fascinating teasing out the differences between the Scottish & English contexts and there does seem to be a number. However, there is inevitably a huge overlap too - so my input is not totally out of synch. I admit to being very impressed with a number of these guys early on in their local church ministries and have heard some really good stories. There's alot of humility, but a real willingness to grapple with some challenging questions. I'm using the theme 'roads less travelled' and looking at Ephesians 4 as main text and a template to look at the Minister as a cultivator, follower and multiplier. Andrew Rollinson has also shared something from his paper on 'attentive communities' which is an excellent piece of work and really helpful stuff.
Scotland is wonderful at this time of year with sufficient snow still lying around to display the hills against a clear blue sky. The hospitality and friendship is really good and I'm grateful to my friends John and Andrew for the invite as I feel as if I'm receiving far more than I'm giving.


Catriona said...

Scotland is a great place to be a Baptist minister, and people are very gracious to those of us BUGB trained Sassenachs who cross the border.

I am currently training as a BUS practice mentor to add to my BUGB mentor experience which is a great way of learning about the differences and similarities of the two contexts.

As they say around here, haste ye back!

Jo said...

Just reflecting on your use of the world 'guys' - I guess they were but what about those of the female variety.

Catriona said...

Hi Jo,
we are few and far between in Scotland. There's me in pastoral charge of a church in Glasgow, a few associates and a smattering of chaplains. Alas for the Holy Spirit she has to work harder up here!!

Nigel Coles said...

it's been interesting - an exclusively male environment, whereas we have about a 60/40 intake at present.

Jo said...

Hi Catriona - and Nigel!

We will have to pray for more - more women and more Holy Spirit. Settlement is still difficult for female ministers in England and Wales - still God has a way of sorting us all out.

Every blessing.