Thursday, 11 March 2010

and vote is for .... marriage

'Children are better off with two parents', according to a new Bible Society poll

Three quarters of people believe that it is better for a child to have two parents rather than one.

In a poll commissioned to coincide with the Christian Socialist Movement’s annual Tawney Dialogue - which will include Ed Balls, Secretary of State for Children, Schools and Families - more than three quarters of people (79%) agree that it is better for a child’s quality of life to live with two parents rather than one.

Nearly half of people polled (45%) also said they agreed that generally, it is better for a child’s quality of life to live with two married parents rather than two co-habiting parents.

The survey also found that over three quarters (78%) of people believe marriage is a private choice in which the government should not get involved. Nearly two thirds (64%) of people, however, said the government should encourage marriage generally but not through tax incentives.

When asked about improving community life ‘good schools’ (91%) came top of the list of factors which determined quality of life, followed by: lower levels of crime and disorder (85%) and stable families (76%).

These three factors came higher than a strong local economy (71%) and high quality housing (56%).

When asked how important various factors were for couples choosing to get married the poll revealed following results:

Because they love each other 95%
Financial security 76%
To have children 56%
For religious reasons 41%

now, not usually one to venture into general election themes .... I am a little fed up with the majority church mouthpieces trying to be so PC we say little about the positives concerning marriage. Whenever I hear a five live phone-in Christians usually get a knock or two, but surely we can present the positive facts without disenfranchising single parents can't we? I get fed up equally with the assumptions we must be homophobic simply because we think sex belongs within the boundaries of marriage and am concerned we shy away from speaking out a little more clearly.

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