Sunday, 21 March 2010

emerging church?

no blogging for a week is often, in my case, a symptom of not having enough time to simply sit and think and, I guess, that's been the case this week. I was at bu council tuesday-wednesday, which is always a mixture as I came to reflect upon yesterday whilst doing some diy. more about the nature of church and the need to engage today rather than yesterday, however.
i have two projects on the go at present - one indoor and one outdoor - the thinking is whenever i get a day free to get on with something, there's always one on the go. yesterday's rain meant i began the back-door/utility/downstairs loo project! i began with stripping some paper off in the loo. the last two attempts at decorating here were clearly paint jobs - our terracotta, which revealed a green underneath. then beyond that there was what appeared to be a lining paper, then a very loud flower print, then a lightish blue. 'it's just the same as what we've just put in the kitchen' went the cry. now, bearing in mind, part of my plan is to bring some greater co-ordination to these two areas and give a semblance of continuity between the kitchen and outdoors, the plan was to paint the loo the same colour as the kitchen. in actual fact when you look at the two colours side by side, you can use the argument 'they're nothing like each other' very easily - our new kitchen is in a very trendy laura ashley shade of eau de nils - let's face it, they had nothing like that in the 50's! however, the fact also remains, they are both lighter shades of blue.

- how horrifying, i wanted to do something new!
- how hilarious, what's goes around comes around.
- how similar, one new and trendy (ours of course), the other old and dated.
- how different, they feel nothing like each other.

oh bear in mind this is really only the loo we're talking about.

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