Monday, 29 March 2010

Jury Service starts here

Well my Jury Service starts today. I must admit I felt like a convicted criminal by the time anyone spoke inside the Crown Court set up - I can only imagine how those being tried 'innocent until proven guilty' feel!
Whatever else it will provide an interesting exercise in group dynamics -12 people brought together for a specific short term task (I hope) - what else do we have in common is the question I'm asking in the waiting room?
Out of 16 potential jurors only 2 opt to 'affirm' rather than swear on a holy book - which in every other case is the Bible. Interesting. So is the fact the 2 who affirm are probably the 2 under 30.
I need to get the hang of writing my blog via the i-phone - must be able to do it, but where's my keyboard gone?

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