Wednesday, 24 March 2010

mastering the art of french cooking - i wish!

been away at team leaders and national settlement team this week. thrilled about one student being called to a church and another asked to 'preach with a view' whilst i've been away. as part of our time together this month we met with steve chalke and once again hugely encouraged by his energy and ability to take the gospel into places and arenas most don't. i'm in tonight - as i never allow myself any appointments after i've been away and watching 'julie and julia'. i watched this film on a plane sometime last year and thought maggie should see it as it's about cooking. it's no classic, but simply fun - especially if you like food and blogging, which draws me in on two counts - it's based on two books 'my life in france' which is julia child's biography and a memoir by julie powell. in 2002 julie powell her blog, the 'julie/julia project' and started documenting her daily experiences cooking each of the 524 recipes in Child's 'mastering the art of french cooking'. now this is an awesome project and i'm full of admiration and simply trying to convince maggie into something similar, but as we're both watching the calories at present, i guess i need to give that idea up.

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