Sunday, 14 March 2010

well done Grange

with the good folk at grange baptist in gloucester today, where i always enjoy going. i noticed something i haven't knowingly seen before elsewhere - maybe because i'm not around immediately prior to the service to notice what people put on their pre-beginning powerpoints. however, i thought putting pictures up of the leadership team was a really useful thing for anyone visiting - it was clear who might be able to answer something if required and who was who when they stood up. - simple and obvious when you think about it & i guess everyone will now tell me everyone does it - apologies if that's the case, but i've not noticed it before. some good football scores today if you're a liverpool fan. i'm off to anfield tomorrow - en route to bu council. we'll probably kick ourselves in the foot again, so not getting carried away as the 4th spot looks out of reach now.

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