Thursday, 22 April 2010

enjoy your holiday!

Following my comments yesterday about folk in the air hold-up I just have to fly the flag for my good friend and colleague, Jez. I sent him a rude text yesterday as I discovered he was 'stuck' in Tenerife on holiday. I'm happy to report it's not just me - he's enjoying four days extra holiday - must be something about Regional Ministers not taking life seriously enough, I guess!
The other really great news this morning was to hear a church, which left our network years ago has decided to re-join. For me, this is of huge symbolic significance way out of proportion to the size, or anything else. I hope it will send a message we're essentially biblical in our ethos to anyone else who's living with an out-of-date perspective of Baptists today. Of course, the real work now begins in trying to facilitate another church and help them orientate even more to presenting Jesus in today's world.

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Steve said...

Glad you're encouraged. Shame Liverpool will spoil your day!