Saturday, 17 April 2010

God is alive and well in London.

Spent yesterday in London and had a really interesting day. I'd facilitated a day for a group of South Africans over on a mission study tour, but felt I learnt far more myself. This was mainly due to the input from various London based Ministers arranged by my London based colleague, David Shosanya. I was struck by a number of things:

- much of the growth in London among us as Baptists, is unplanned and spontaneous - already up and running churches join.
- there are some serious concerns around muslim recruitment of young black men - this is not a game.
- there are some really creative expressions of the gospel going on.

I think our South African colleagues were encouraged (I certainly was) and it was certainly good to link with some who became friends last year.

I think Tom & Rachel were about the last people to manage to fly into Bristol on Thursday before the effects of the Icelandic ash closed down the UK to flights. Ben & Emily came back with Oak Hall from Switzerland on the coach - no moaning from anyone this year I bet.


Julie said...

I guess my question is why can the Muslims 'recruit' young black men when we can't evangelise them?

(I do find your choice of language interesting - Islam is also a missionary faith trying to convert anyone and everyone)

Nigel Coles said...

I share your concerns - one perspective from London is that Islam is providing disenfranchised young black men with things the Christian Churches are not either offering or providing - a sense of structure (where many of their fathers have either left them, or are disinterested) and a sense of purpose - come and die for Islam whereas the call to Christian discipleship is 'wishy-washy' - not my words, but I'd agree!