Monday, 26 April 2010

mentoring matters - part two

We thought we'd better have a BBQ on Saturday and benefit from the sunshine - I remember last April! We had two BBQ's in April and that was it until August I think.
Met a few people over the weekend with their stories of delayed travel - full marks go to the couple at Cairns Road BC who added a train journey from Marrakesh to their unexpected honeymoon plans - the sandwiches for four day will prove a great silver wedding speech.
I thought it would be wise to give some more detail here, on Rick Lewis' book 'Mentoring Matters', in response to Lucy.
He has a website - 
The book will, I'm sure, take the approach he took on friday - who you are, before what you do.
Let's just say I've bought twelve copies, which I hope my colleagues will buy!

Chapter headings are:

A Different Approach to Mentoring
An Ancient Art for a Post-modern context
Navigating the Perfect Storm
Getting Started
Giving Your Best to Mentoring
Getting the Most from Mentoring
The Mentoring Relationship
Mentoring Methods
Challenges in mentoring

plus a good bibliography.

hope it helps!


Lucy Wright said...

Thanks for this Nigel -that's really helpful, I think I shall buy a copy of the book.

Catriona said...

Hi Nigel,
Having just looked on Amazon he seems to have two books of almost identical titles published a month apart - any idea if/how they relate?