Friday, 29 April 2011

Free Church radical anti-establishment .... falls in love with the Royal Wedding!

Personally, I get a little tired of the typical Baptist inverted snobbery when it comes to the Royal Family. Don't get me wrong, there's loads of questions I have and things I'm uncomfortable about, but I love people, I recognise their place in our society and I'm for them.
Just texted my daughter to tell her about the tear in my eye, whilst watching the Royal Wedding! Having planned to use today to get some digging done on the allotment and a few DIY jobs, I've spent far more time in front of the TV watching the wedding build up than I imagined.
I'm very thankful there remains a prominence for the Christian message on such occasions:
such hymns as 'Guide me O thou Great Redeemer' and 'Love Divine', the Romans reading was read by Kate's brother so well, the address by Richard Chartres, Bishop of London was very good too.
Richard Chartres mentioned today as a day of hope and there's little doubt there is so much hope riding on this marriage. Unfair and unreasonable yes, but here we have embodied in the relationship of one young couple, so much of hopes for the values of our nation. Can one marriage, faithful, true, loving, hope to make any difference?
One thing I've realised again today is the extent to which I miss, from local Ministry, is my involvement with newly married couples. I always enjoyed the pre-wedding groups as a highlight I never delegated to anyone else, partly because it was such fun and provided many precious times. I always found most couples, even when not practising followers of Jesus, were always very open to discover how the love of God found through Christ could actually be part of and enriching their own loving relationship. Oh boy, it's really doing me in - just looking forward to an invite to a garden party at the Palace - yes, who does get them?


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totally agree!!

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Well put, the WEBA bishop.