Sunday, 17 April 2011

Planning pays off ..... well, if you do it!

Planning pays. Once again, I'm learning the hard way, with hindsight. We'll be in Barcelona shortly and the first of the four El Clasico games between Real Madrid and Barcelona within 17 days, has ended in a draw.
Bear in mind Maggie has less than no interest in football, has attended two games in the whole of her life - both with me before we were married and that's 31 years ago this year. You'll, therefore, understand why when I mentioned 'if Barcelona are at home when we're there, how do you fancy going?' and she simply said, 'yes' I was a little taken aback, but did nothing about it. So, when I eventually look up the fixtures and see they are at home, to Real Madrid in the Spanish Cup, but on the evening we return, you'll appreciate, I hope, the word 'gutted' comes nowhere near.
I've agreed to take Tom for his 30th birthday by way of compensation!
Anyway, next time a church ignores my suggestions planning pays off, at least I'll know why they don't listen to me!

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