Saturday, 9 April 2011

Good News People

Absolutely manic week - one of those, only when you're into it, you realise the time needed to adequately prepare for everything agreed to doesn't actually exist! Still, more, or less made it and I don't think too many people noticed the little webbed feet frantically paddling away underneath the surface
One thing worth a mention was Good News People at Thornbury Golf Club on thursday evening. This was month three of a new initiative, initiated by Paul Griffiths, although Alisdair and he are hosting it. It's for people who think they might have an evangelistic gift form local churches to meet, share ideas and encouragement and have conversation around the table. I happened to be this month's guest and was asked to facilitate a conversation round 'being in supportive networks'.
It was a great conversation from my perspective, but also it's a great group with, I think, huge potential to be a catalyst for some real change and fruitful mission through a number of our churches. Numbers are disappointingly low, but my hunch is it'll grow gradually as people find a source for encouragement to find their place in the mission of God. So, must advertise the next one more.

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