Tuesday, 12 October 2010

the crux

If you’ve not seen ‘The Crux’ I would certainly recommend anyone taking a look. I didn’t know it existed until Sunday evening, but what a find!
I had to lead prayers this week at NST and only realised Sunday evening, so what do I do? I thought I’d read ‘The Bridge’ which is one of Friedman’s Fables because I wanted to flag up the question of how we determine what our responsibility is in a variety of situations. I thought I’d quickly have a google search to see whether many people had said much about Edwin Friedman’s work recently and eureka found this…..  www.thecruxmovie.com
You can find this short film on youtube too.
Read this and other fables in Friedman’s Fables by Edwin Friedman.
Basically a man is taking a quiet stroll across a bridge when he’s stopped by a stranger, who asks him for a moment’s help. The man agrees, instantly finding himself entangled in a life or death relationship with this stranger. The man must then decide whether or not he will accept responsibility for the life he holds in his hands.
It’s used as a discussion starter for counsellors and therapists about the need to hang on and the right to let go, but I think it has a huge amount for Ministers to usefully explore.
Is the Church a breeding ground for unhealthy dependency? Discuss.

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