Wednesday, 6 October 2010

more than a game....

I felt sick on Sunday. I was travelling to preach at Winstone – harvest festival at a small village church in our region. However, it wasn’t nervousness about the event to come, but listening to the harsh reality of Liverpool descending into the relegation places in the Premiership. This is the once undisputed greatest team in Europe. This
So, what, I can almost hear anyone reading saying and at this point moving swiftly onto another blog.
So why, I hear myself saying, should I register such an emotional reaction to something many sensible Christians would consider trivial?
Truth is, many people are more bothered about the ups and downs of their football clubs, or many other things, than the organisational ups and downs of their church – especially blokes. However, there’s also some big system questions going round my head … and heart.
Liverpool have announced they have some new owners today. Liverpool fans a fan groups have been talking about the need for ‘integrity’, ‘values’ and ‘traditions’ things we feel have been submerged by the recent owners, Hicks and Gillett. Surely it’s down to the players and/or the manager? What part do the owners have? Is there any connection between those who run the club and those lead the club and perform on the pitch?
I’m one of those who sees a connection between the fact LFC have made the worst start to a season for 57 years and the fact there’s such a desperate situation behind the scenes in the backroom. For me it’s the connection between the cultivators of the environment and the deliverers of the values.
Bill Shankly developed a culture. His legacy was something, which lived on beyond him and the reason why supporters have been so angry recently is because the values he instilled are under such threat. Just a football club …. don’t make me laugh. 

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