Friday, 1 October 2010

film clubs?

Now, hold onto your seats everyone, the West of England Baptist Association is getting trendy! We've just started a blog 'making a difference - the unrolling blog story of mission in the West of England'
I realise not all who pop in here are from the West, but I hope it'll be of interest beyond our boundaries.
It's hopefully a conversation starter, or a help along the road of discovery how we can best engage people, in a meaningful way, concerning the reality of Jesus. I was asked a while back by someone in Swindon: 'do you know of any churches who are finding ways ahead, which would help us engage people attending our craft club into a more spiritual conversation?' We ended up sending some ideas, one or two contacts, resources, etc., but basically were left asking the question how do people get a handle on this stuff without reading six books, or simply copying someone else's idea? For me, it's the beginning of the realisation of something I'd hoped our website could become from the off, but realise we've a long way to go. If anyone has any great ideas of how we can develop more the idea of a forum to look, learn and input thoughts, ideas, patterns, which can help encourage others, please let us know.
The picture today is from the entry re the film club Nailsea Baptist have begun - I know others are into this arena, so it would be good to hear from some of those too and provide a place others can discover they don't have to re-invent the wheel every time.
You can have a look at the early blogs via the front page of

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