Friday, 15 October 2010

water, water everywhere .... ?

OK, I didn't realise it was blog action day, but it is a great idea. The focus this year to focus awareness on the problem of scarce clean water.
In a world where ....

African women walk over 40 billion hours each year carrying cisterns weighing up to 18 kgs to gather water, which is usually still not safe to drink...

Water wars are beginning. The conflict in Darfur is at least, partly attributable, to the lack of access to clean water.

The Christian Church is too quiet about a growing world crisis.

It takes 24 litres of water to produce one hamburger (don't ask me how they work that one out!).

something is fundamentally wrong.

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Commonweeder said...

My daughter was one of those women walking miles to carry water to her mud house in Kenya, but she was also a Peace Corps woman who helped her community build a new gravity feed line from a spring to fill two different large water storage tanks to bring water in to the village before she finished her two year tour.