Tuesday, 3 June 2008

beth rowley

There are some great advantages of being in London for a week. This evening I managed to catch a Beth Rowley concert at Dingwalls, Camden Lock which is a terrific small venue - it struck me how thick with smoke it would have been just a few months ago. Beth Rowley has an amazing voice, but live she is so much more impressive, for me, than on her album, which is just a bit too polished - good, but lacking the slower, bluesy, raw, live gutsy version. Ben Castle, Roy and Fiona's son, was great on sax too (they co-wrote most of the songs on the album). I'd love to sit down with these two are ask about some of the lyrics - 'I felt the love and then I saw the light'; I had a mother and she did pray, so if I should die and my soul becomes lost, then it ain't nobody's fault but mine' - and others which have a strong Christian flavour. 

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