Tuesday, 24 June 2008

the devil may be wearing Primark, but let's have more RAJE

Don’t know if you saw ‘Primark on the Rack’ on BBC last night – I’ve not caught up with it yet, but intend to via BBC iPlayer. We often respond feeling somewhat helpless - what can we do other than stop buying from Primark, writing to our MP’s etc.? Well, one alternative label could be RAJE who are one of three National Winners of Make Your Mark in Fashion. The following text is taken from the Make Your Mark in Fashion website.

R.A.J.E. want to create a range dictated by consumer needs rather than seasonal trends; with this in mind they designed four signature t-shirts named after each team member and designed to flatter different woman’s body shape; each t-shirt will be produced in four seasonal colourways, featuring unique prints. The team chose THTC as their mentor because they spotted an opportunity to build on the THTC urban street wear market by developing a range that would appeal more strongly to young women, whilst maintaining all of the social and environmental values championed by THTC. The panel loved R.A.J.E. for their dedication to making fashion more sustainable and their determination to design for real women.

Here’s an example of four young women setting out to make a difference. I wonder if they’ll get much support from the Church, although most of them are Christians? As one of the winners of the Make Your Mark in Fashion project their next stop is the catwalk at London Fashion Week in September. They’re swimming against the stream, but are setting out to be eco-friendly, organic, suitable for all sizes (sound like Kingdom values to me). For me it’s a great example of how young people can really make an impact – oh, the ‘E’ of RAJE just happens to be Emily, my daughter. Yes, I am a proud father, but I hope you get the point and maybe next Sunday when you’re thinking of interviewing someone about their work place for mission, you might think a little wider than those who work in schools and hospitals? I'm really hoping for a ticket at Fashion Week and have started warning folk I may have to cancel certain dates - my team think it's absolutely hilarious 'oh, I'm really sorry, I can't now make your really special deacons meeting, I have to be at fashion week!' Meanwhile, I'm looking forward to the Euro semis - look out for the CBC Curry Club flag being carried by Bob Morris at the Spain v Russia semi. One of the books I've never written, because I doubt anyone would read it concerns the overlap between Christian leadership and managing a football team - how does Guus Hiddink do it? - could be an interesting chapter.

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