Saturday, 7 June 2008

amazing grace

The reason I'll be having a film listed on my blog each month is because we are part of a film club - this month it's Amazing Grace. This will be the first film we've had which has an obvious Christian link. I've watched it once so far and been impressed by the story of Wilberforce again. How I feel about the film, purely as a film, is something I can't separate out at the moment. I've heard some gripes about historical accuracy and that Pitt is portrayed as a bit wet, but neither bothered me. It's a powerful film because it's a powerful story and well done in many ways. The people who opposed Wilberforce are a challenge to how we can all resist change - even when it involves furthering obvious Kingdom values - if we stand to lose something due to vested interests. We meet to discuss this one on 6th. July, so I'll post up some pearls of wisdom which will no doubt arise from the others. So far we've had some really interesting discussions and it may be of interest to know why we started it etc.    

Some of our ideas behind it …

Enjoyment. We need to get out more! Why is it we think about going to watch a good film, or hire the DVD, but then seem to miss it? This is about finding and enjoying good films and the conversation around them.

Engagement. We want to both engage and be engaged by film today. Film is a massive vehicle for ideas and influence in today’s world. We want to find ways to engage with the culture they represent, the themes and influences portrayed, the characters, actors and whatever else seems relevant.

Enrichment. Art is enriching and films can provide a contribution to our appreciation of life and others. However, we can also be a source of enrichment in the lives of one another.

Inevitably, the fact the group was initiated by Christians  will provide a distinctive flavour to this particular group – we hope! However, the intention is for the group to be open and accessible for all who want to enjoy and engage – enrichment will be a by-product! Part of the initial intention was to create a ‘3rd. place’ – that is, somewhere other than work or home where people could gather around a common interest, combining Christian and others alike.

How it’ll work …

We’ll choose a film and give reasonable notice for people to watch it  if they wish – no rules on where, when, who with etc. We’ll simultaneously announce a date and place for conversation over coffee around the chosen film. The group for discussion, whoever makes it up, will choose the next film. 

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